W5-20-18-6.jpgell, I guess it’s time for an update from the Harn for the twelve of you who care.

It’s been a busy and full spring this year but we still feel like we’re always behind.  One reason is that we seemed to go from winter to summer overnight this spring.  No cool transition days just clouds and freezing to 75-degree sunshine!!  Winter coats to T-shirts.  Winter boots to Vans.  Another reason was the traveling that started our spring – just had to get down to Indy for some parties – we miss so many people from Indiana days.  Oh, and we both lost a week to “vacation” separately, so that was like losing 4 weeks.

But we’ve still managed to do quite a bit:

  • Planted peas, arugula, radish, turnip, rhubarb (a new variety), a dozen raspberry canes, 5 grape vines, 20 trees, peas again, lilacs, primrose, ground cherries, tomatoes, onions, dahlias, native pollinator plants (indigo and prairie smoke), potatoes, and a Sungold tomato.  And that’s just at our place…
  • We planted a couple thousand onions (bulbs and starts) at Merry Gardens Farm, rows of herbs, and 1000′ of brassicas ~ cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage.  Plus we diversified the farm this year broadcasting amaranth and dill and planting more flowers to bring good predator insects and pollinators. They have CSAs now!
  • Created a Shutterfly book of our first year (really 18 months… from November 2016 to March 2018) at the Harn, full of stories and details.
  • Did taxes and completed a seminar on grant writing at Leech Lake Tribal College.
  • Figured out how to make flower bombs with Connie and made them with the Rec Lab crew.
  • Played a few games of Drain the Swamp.
  • Vacuumed about 10,000 Asian beetles – Terrorists!! – from the windows, walls, and ceilings. [We think they are all gone now…  OOPS!  Except in the pump room!! Got them too!]
  • Saw Corey Medina and the Brothers a couple times.
  • The first robins showed up while I was at Rec Lab and we’ve finally got dandelions in full bloom.  Day lilies are up, and even some Siberian iris.
  • Fixed the screen door and gave the porch a thorough sweeping to prepare for more outdoor time there – our favorite room in the house!
  • Fixed our garage door.
  • Helped with the Shevlin Garden Club Annual Plant Sale and helped pull off the 12th District bi-annual meeting.
  • Squeezed in a show at the Quad A / Andria in Alex – Nunsense!
  • Dan road tripped back to his dad’s home state for an architectural adventure [best food of the trip was there, as were some cool art and beautiful trails].
  • Had Italian International Dinner Night at David’s.
  • Cut some firewood for the upcoming years.  Thanks to Randy of Merry Gardens Farm for the loan of the monster chainsaw!
  • Played with polymer clay a bit, though I lost some things to the dreaded oven…
  • Dumped 13 Humi buckets.  Whew!  We were down by a bucket or two, even considering the weeks off-site this spring.  Once again, an easy job with the system we have in place – see photo here.
  • Visited Mom and Tom and sent a BUNCH of cards out to friends and family.
  • Read NobleGhost Fleet, Blue Nights, Tao Te Ching, Pirate, and Lights Out (watch for an upcoming review).
  • Fighting the Highway Department for our trees along the road out front.  Looks like a losing battle…  Such a fucked up country where roads and cars are more important than nature and trees.  I wish we’d start changing things in a big way towards LESS fossil fuel focus.  In the end, I think we’re gonna see that we wasted a lot of money as we collapsed in on the end of the fossil fuel era.
  • Watching our friend Ann Marie Ackerman make history with her new book, Death of an Assassin [Ann starts at about 4:30 and, yes, you can hear my friend Jacqueline, her sister, laughing out loud as the video ends, which made me laugh out loud too.  Miss that girl…].
  • Read the Swedish War Preparation Manual and feel even less hopeful for our survival here in America.  I mean, we don’t have an emergency preparedness plan/system/website…  FEMA says DHS knows, DHS says DoD knows, DoD says FEMA knows.  Looks like we’re pretty much on our own here.  Go Rugged Individualism!!

But, our rhubarb’s looking good so life is bearable.