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Last Wednesday, November 10th, I was called out to the Mississippi Headwaters River Valley as someone noted there was an “Enbridge Emergency Response” truck on Clearwater County 40. I headed out with the camera to see what I could capture.

As I passed the bridge over Misi-ziibi, orange construction signs, not seen in use for weeks or perhaps even a month, were up along The Great River Road denoting “Road Work Ahead”, “Be Prepared to Stop”, and “Flagger Ahead”. The Access Road that heads into the ridge that divides the Mississippi Headwaters River Valley and the LaSalle Valley was open. [There was also a new culvert installed at this entry (a previous video captured a team working on the crushed culvert weeks earlier).] I saw no trucks entering, save the standard white pick-ups, though Ron Turney reported multiple trucks entering and leaving the Access Road when I ran into him later in the morning in the Mississippi River Valley.

Here’s his drone photo showing activity in the area inside this Access Road, just east of the Mississippi River Crossing along the Line 93 corridor.

Ron Turney keeps an eye on Enbridge in the Mississippi Headwaters River Valley 11/9/21

I headed out to review the area and see if there were other trucks in the region, perhaps coming out from the LaSalle Access Road on 105th street. And, as is not unusual, I happened upon a Precision Pipeline pump truck coming down 105th just south of the Access Road into LaSalle Creek .

Ron Turney’s photo is at the area of short timber road as shown above and the red star is the location of the Precision Pipeline Pump Truck sighting, just south of the timber matting Access Road into County Land a bit north of the Line 93 corridor crossing.

Though Enbridge has been crowing about its “New Line 3” being COMPLETED (now named Line 93 based on the corridor markers), the fact that Enbridge and Precision trucks are back in the neighborhood does NOT seem to indicate everything is “COMPLETED”.

Here’s some video from the trip.