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So, the latest addition to the Minnesota plan for how to protect our citizens and our natural environment will be examined this Wednesday, the 21st. The Minnesota Environmental Quality Board will be presenting the newly appointed Governor’s CLIMATE CHANGE SUBCABINET!!!

I encourage you to join in from 1-2:30 pm as the MEQB will offer a reflection period for citizens to “reflect on a question related to climate change and, if they choose, share their reflections on the online platform”. [If it’s anything like previous allowances for public input, my guess is they will be limited and managed to assure nothing objectionable to the MPCA Commissioner’s agenda – as we witnessed at the LAST MEQB meeting. Though, perhaps I will be surprised?]

After an introduction of the cabinet and structure, it appears we will have time to ask questions too! So… let’s think about what we might want to ask…

Perhaps we could ask Kevin Pranis, LIUNA rep and constant advocate for the Line 3 project at the PUC, how he sees a tar sands pipeline project alleviating climate change in Minnesota and globally? [He thinks pipelines are “beneficial or sort of neutral in terms of … environmental impact” and praised the Dakota Access Pipeline which is STILL facing legal challenges.]

As a part of this work, the MEQB is asking Minnesotans to complete a survey stating their concerns. I’d suggest that you complete it. Feel free to review the questions I’ve provided below in case you would like to consider some of my inputs as you offer your own.

The survey begins with a long list of climate concerns on which you can pick your top three… and you can respond as I did, if you like, asking what the intentions were behind this question when all these things are so interconnected that to pick only three seems like not solving the whole complex problem. Then the survey asks about how you want to be involved – as if they will ever REALLY let us be involved in any meaningful way. I referenced the recent OLA report on PUC Public Engagement which literally explained that the PUC failed to FOLLOW THE LAW. Come on, man!

I made a point of my concern that the Governor’s Subcabinet on Climate Change is full of appointees whose voices that have long been heard in Minnesota. Where are the citizens like me being heard? [I didn’t even get a call on my application to the council. It’s like they didn’t even begin looking at names until the list skyrocketed, from about 34 when I applied, to over 200 or more in the end, as I recall.] Will be interesting to see WHO they introduce and how I feel once I learn more about their appointees.

I went into a bit more of my concerns on their final page of the survey, refusing to offer any MORE ideas to them until they actually acknowledge the inputs I’ve already provided. [FFS]

I’m hopeful that many Minnesotans will come into the MEQB at 1PM this Thursday to ask good questions about how this Climate Change Subcabinet plans to make effective change for our citizens. I think we topped out about 100 last meeting. Not sure they’ve allocated enough time to hear citizens… but that’s been an ongoing issue for some time now. [Did I mention they seem loathe to actually HEAR citizen inputs?]

See you there?